About Solos

‘Solos’ is an Italian acronym for Soluzioni Olografiche per la Sicurezza, which translates to Holographic Security Solutions.

Our company originated in the early Eighties, when the founding partners embarked on a pioneering experiment with holograms. They succeed with their experiment and became the first company to supply revolutionising protective holograms to the fashion industry. Since then we have made over 1 billion labels for the world’s most prestigious brands.

Fast forward to today and we have evolved and partnered with some of the biggest names in world-class scientific research and technology development, to combat counterfeiting. Serving a large blue chip client base across a multitude of industries, we are the first in the market to offer a complete wireless integrated smart modular system for inventory tracking, retail stock management, marketing and security.

Our continuing commitment to investing in R&D and forensic technologies ensures the continuation of Solos as an industry leader.

Solos are among the few companies in the sector to have been certified by TUV with the ISO 9001, ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 27001 certifications.










Our Philosophy

There is no quality without information. There is no security without control. Whether it is the protection of intellectual property or the traceability and trackability of products, Solos knows from direct experience that no company process can succeed without proper management of data and focussed risk analysis.

A vocation for continuous innovation and the greatest possible interaction with the client ensure that Solos technological solutions are powerful and effective while preserving the integrity of the nature of the product on which they are applied. This is an added value that makes all the difference. Hardware, software and services are all part of a single vision in which reliability, security and design converge.

For Solos, collaboration is an integral part of the relationship with its clients. It brings them to the heart of the development model, inviting them to actively participate in the definition of pilot projects and tests. It is a shared path that often involves partners of international standing, called to participate personally in the collective brainstorming that leads to achieving the goal. Always.ciency and robust protection during the production phase and along the distribution chain, counteracting the ancillary activities associated with both the black market and the grey market.


  • Early ‘80s: first to apply protective holograms on fashion items

  • Research & Development become (and still are) the heart of Solos

  • Solos becomes a member of Indicod/GSI and Indicam, in whose Board of Directors it represents the anti-counterfeiting technologies group. For several years, it has also been consultant and sole agent to the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint.

  • Solos obtains the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications from TUV.

Together With You

  • Information gathering. We analyse your needs, starting from scratch.

  • Risk Analysis

  • Development Strategy. Only at this point do we identify the most suitable technologies.

  • Define the goals We find the solution and we share it with you

  • Implementation of the project involving the various company departments (production,logistics, marketing, legal and sales).

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the results. We complete the project. Successfully.