RFID labels

Individual Identification

Solos washable RFID labels allows every product you make to have its own unique identity. The unique ID embedded in the RFID label lets you verify that the product associated with the brand is genuine and has been supplied through authentic supply chains. Allowing the product to be completely traceable, so you can identify it through every step of production process as can the consumer.

Track And Trace

Washable RFID tags make it easy to track each individual item separately and give you transparency throughout the supply chain. You can track and trace your items from manufacturers, through logistics companies, to retailers and enable the consumer to prove authenticity.


Washable RFID labels have the capability to store unique information and data, making it easy to identify legitimate goods with confidence. Allowing visibility for your manufacturers, logistics operators, customs officials, retailers and consumers. Empowering companies to protect their brand and engage their customers directly through our anti-counterfeiting process.

Consumer Confidence

Solos washable patented RFID technology is compatible with NFC-enabled smartphones. Consumers can use their phones anywhere in the world to authenticate products themselves before they purchase. They can check origin and verify quality in real time – by simply tapping their smartphone to the product label. By enabling consumers to verify authenticity on their own, they become partners in your fight against counterfeits.


Solos RFID technology lets you tailor the protection, to create the system that’s right for you. Washable RFID labels are an easily implemented solution without changing your supply chain process and are cost effect. Implemented with our technology and software it enables you to build an end-to-end system.


Unlike chunky visible EAS security devices a Solos washable RFID label is hidden from view. There’s no line-of-sight requirement for reading the RFID label so it won’t ruin or interfere with the products appearance. Using discreet readers and gateways situated in ceilings, doorways, or walls, it allows for wireless identification and whereabouts of items in all inventory locations. Our software capabilities alert staff when items leave the store before payment at point of sale. It improves employee accountability, by being able to analyse and pinpoint what item went missing at a specific time.

Real Time Inventory Control

Our washable RFID labels in conjunction with our seamless POS integration allow goods to be received automatically into the retail system, eliminating the manual scanning process of individual items. Inventory stock take can be conducted at any time without disrupting staff or customers, with accurate real time inventory across stores and distribution centres.
Our technology optimizes item availability and automates replenishment reports, informing staff of what items to restock. Eliminating costly overstocking and optimizing allocation of stock among stores.

Intelligent Marketing

Solos RFID labels enable you to interact directly with your customers for marketing purposes. Products equipped with our RFID labels can interact with smart screens in change rooms. The screens will display complementary merchandising advice for the items selected by the customer via digital interaction. It also enables customers to connect with social media, provided access to loyalty programs, promotions and events. Access to care instructions and other article information. RFID labels let you capture valuable consumer data analytics to purchasing patterns and product preferences.