Patented Technology

Solos patented technology is leading the way in effective anti-counterfeiting systems including track and trace capabilities, identification and authentication. Our end-to-end anti-counterfeiting solutions are cost effective, easily implemented all without altering the production process. Our systems and technologies enhance the consumers retail experience and accelerate the point of sale process.


Taggart’s nanoparticles can be embedded into any surface and substrate. Virtually impossible to destroy or alter, Taggart cannot be replicated which guarantees the authentication of its applied target. Invisible to the naked eye, covert taggants made from rare earth minerals act as a DNA for brand protection and authentication. When excitation frequencies are applied to the security thread, it will glow with a preselect color for the individual brand owner. Allowing brand owners to forensically test and enforce their brand or trademark against counterfeiters or distributors in a court of law.


Solos have developed a patented production process that allows us to print any form of information, logo or visual identity recognition into a micro thread or fiber that can be woven into a brand label or other forms of attachments. To the naked eye this appears as a different color ribbon threaded into to the brand label. With a simple and inexpensive magnifying unit, this thread is read to verify the authenticity of the genuine article.


GenuineCode™ a 2D barcode allows individual items to have their own unique ID number. Each GenuineCode™ is protected by GenuineThread™and Taggart™ to guarantee the authenticity of the barcode itself. Connection with a smartphone and app allows the consumer to verify products, retrieve product information and register for rewards.