Security Solutions


  • Implementation of discrete readers and gateways are used to wirelessly identify and locate items in all company facilities using unique ID embedded in individual RFID labels. Our systems provide real time data and inventory location, and alert staff when items leave before payment. Retailers can also be notified when items leave a specific zone within a store. By being able to identify what item went missing and pin pointing the time it allows you to monitor video surveillance to find the culprit, and improves employee accountability. With our patented RFID technology you can do away with chunky EAS devices that detract from the products aesthetics, destroy garments and can be easily removed by would be thieves.

Smart Clothing

  • NFC smart clothing enables you to monitor who is attending your venue. It allows International Intelligence and local law enforcement to review attendance list before events and concerts commence. With constant reviewing of security measures it assists law enforcement to remain vigilant regarding security for customers and staff.
  • Smart clothing adds security and doubles as a ticket and a wallet , never lose your wallet or be pickpocketed at a major event or stadium again.

Intelligent Marketing

A modern day retail store needs to deliver an amazing experience but also deliver data and analytics to understand and market accurately to the consumer.

  • Smart screen displays installed in change rooms can recognize the customers selection of items through the RFID labels attached to each garment. Smart screens are capable of offering complementary merchandise options for the customer to coordinate with their current selection of clothing. Interaction with the smart screen can also alert retail staff that the customer requires assistance.
  • Data analytics allows you to track exactly what items have been selected and taken into fitting rooms, and the footprint of where certain items have been selected and their movements throughout the store. Drive business intelligence more effectively by using the data and analytics captured across all stores.
  • Washable RFID woven labels allow retailers to connect and market to their customers after point of sale. Connection via the RFID and engagement with an app allows the customer access and privileges to a multitude of experiences.

Inventory Management

Inventory Accuracy

  • The ultimate anti-theft, real time inventory management and real time stock take technology, facilitating in an improved and more efficient retail environment.
  • Drive better shopping experiences for customers with real time inventory, data accuracy and real time item location. Pinpoint the exact location of any product instore or in warehousing facilities using item location systems in conjunction with our RFID technology.
  • Stock take instantly, anytime without disrupting staff or customers with real time inventory across stores and distribution centres. Never do a manual stock take again and have real time access to inventory and data and complete transparency over stock levels.
  • Automated stock registration, as soon as product enters the store via scanning gates. Automatic upload of every individual SKU never scan an individual item again, avoid internal thefts and errors.
  • Inventory monitoring alerts sales staff to replenish sales floor stock once a certain item has been sold.
  • Access data and analytics to rotate stock between chain stores to improve sell through and customer demand at certain locations.
  • Optimize store operations, improve inventory availability develop seamless shopping experiences, and collect valuable analytics to drive informed business decisions

Automated Point of Sale

  • Transform the consumer experience at point of sale, and reduce wait times with our automated retail store point of sale. Capable of identify each individual SKU instantly, even with multiple items present. Automatically populates total dollar value of all items present, allowing full control over stray reads and point of sale surroundings. Available across self assisted or self checkout points of sale.