Smart Clothing

Solos is changing the game for sporting venues and concert stadiums all over the world.

Our patented technology, combined with authentic merchandise is creating the future of smart clothing for fans and spectators.

Imagine being able to wear an authentic sporting jersey or branded concert apparel, that had the capabilities to become a ticket, wallet, and gave you exclusive access to special offers.

Connection with your smart phone and smart merchandise now enables you to do this and so much more.

Beat the queues by walking straight through VIP lanes, your smart clothing will be instantly recognised allowing automatic entry as soon as you approach the gate.

Access VIP lines at food and beverage outlets, payment will all be made through your smart clothing for your selection.

Connect with your smart clothing at any time to make tickets selections, engage with sporting fans and celebrities through special social media channels.

Be rewarded and be given the opportunity to engage in VIP promotions and events.

Feel safe knowing you can attend your favourite sporting game or concert without the need to carry cash or cards. Satisfaction in knowing you are purchasing authentic merchandise. Only Solos smart clothing and merchandise, in conjunction with official licenced producers enable this world first experience for fans and spectators.

  • Collect Information

  • Connect Data to a Person

  • VIP Entry

  • Know who is in Your venue / Increase safety

  • Purchasing habits