Working together
to meet your needs

Solos offers an all-in package of Knowledge, Experiences, Certainties.

We are a 360° partner, able to tackle and solve complex problems by starting with a blank sheet of paper and working to an effective and unique solution for each of our clients.

As every client is unique, every solution is unique. Please contact us and we’ll analyze your needs to offer the best solution for you.

Anti Counterfeit

We transform security into a perceived and measurable asset.

Solos offer unseen invisible anti-counterfeiting technologies without any invisible instrumentation and technologies, from RFID to holograms, OVI inks to nanotechnologies, and offers its clients the assurance that they can uniquely and unalterably mark their products.

Logistics and

We offer clients simple and low-impact solutions to track every item’s history, from production process, logistics to retail stores. The combination of our state-of-the-art technologies offers a feedback about supply and distribution flows, parallel markets, grey channels.

  • Traceability of products univocally and inseparably from the beginning: technology can be applied from thefirst phase of production – we offer a wide range of resistant to treatment tags

  • Control the in-and-out flows: every phase can be providing the most suitable reading devices. The more the detection spots are, the more accurate the traceability will be.

  • Enterprise resource planning Optimization: an user friendly Dashboard will show in real time the state of every product and will offer automatic statistics to shorten management times and making control procedures more effective and efficient


We offer clients the ultimate anti-theft, inventory management and stock take technology facilitating an improved and more efficient retail environment.

• Supply Chain Management : Product can be traced automatically from
distribution to store

• Inventory Management : Prduct is registered when hitting the store floor, notifies staff when to replenish stock on shelves

• Instant and Live Stock take : real time stock data from every shop around the globe

• Anti-theft : Counteracts against internal theft and theft in shop

• Secure web based application stores the data and communicates with headquarters

C to B technologies:
meet your clients

Meet your clients through our efficient, scalable and scannable technology. Add our technologies on your Merchandising products and/or tickets : physical and digital world will integrate.

• Maximise Safety : know who is at your shows by the introduction of mart gates, tickets and security database integration

• Revenue opportunities : understand purchasing patterns of your clients, target your advertising, enable instantaneous purchase

  • Collect Information

  • Connect Data to a Person

  • VIP Entry

  • Know who is in Your venue / Increase safety

  • Purchasing habits